Friday, February 18, 2011

Who we be!

How can I start chatting wedding without even telling you about us? I can't. So bare with me, will ya, as I tell you a little about how we came to be.

Mr. Bronx and I met the good old fashioned DC way: at work. I vaguely remember a young gentlemanly fellow asking me out to lunch and *gasp* I turned him down because I was in a relationship at the time. Now, there is great debate in the Chatter house regarding exactly what I said. According to him I said, "I wish I could but I have a boyfriend." He's wrong. I said, "Thanks but I can't, I have a boyfriend." This debate will rage for all time and Mr. Bronx will be sure to tell the children his version.

Fast forward a year or so and we ended up working on a committee together. We made idle chit chat, you know, usual work stuff. At this point, I am single, sexy, and free (snap, snap). Valentine's Day came and went and I get an email from the Mr asking if I got all the candy that my heart desired. I responded with a carefully thought out, "It was uneventful." Read: I'm single. I know that's what he really wanted to know, anyway.

A few emails, fun work chats, etc. later, this Jersey girl found herself enamored with the Bronx boy. We set out on our first date on 4/8/2006 and we've been together ever since. Yes, that's almost 5 years! Good work, class!

And now we find ourselves heading to the altar. We are a complimentary pair, he's the optimist, I'm a realist (he says pessimist), he's a numbers guy, I'm a words girl, he likes movies, I read books - you get the picture. Sometimes it gets bumpy but over the years we have learned to fill in each other's gaps. Though we have our differences we are alike in a lot ways as well. Namely our sense of humor and we're deep thinkers. The Chatter house is equally full of thinking and laughing. We've grown so much, and are so excited to be planning a wedding celebration with our loved ones.

And in the spirit of our goofy personalities, meet the Chatters!

Let's get this planning started!

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