Thursday, March 17, 2011

"You Can't Afford Me"

Pardon me as I vent a little. Just a little.

Another day, another catering vendor telling me that I can't afford them. It's so frustrating to get some wind under your wings when you find a venue with a low rental fee that you love (a huge feat in and of itself) only to realize that you can't afford to bring any darn food in there! I have had 2 caterers flat out tell me, "You are better off looking elsewhere, good luck!" I thought they would be at least be willing to negotiate but I guess all the bargain wedding advice I've read must be wrong. You'd think we wanted the finest champagne, all we want is dinner. Preferably on a plate. Geez!

Today is a down day on the wedding rolling coaster.

Vent over. I picked myself up and sent a mass email to a number of other caterers to get some ideas of their rates. I am hopeful as one has come back with a quote just a little over what we want to spend. Light at the end of the tunnel? We shall see but cheese, crackers, and beer is looking like a fine wedding meal at this point!


  1. I feel lucky that we're in the opposite position - our venue is really expensive, and the only way we're able to afford it is that it's so far outside DC/NoVA that caterers are much cheaper! I don't know what your catering budget is, but we've been finding that in the DC area it's around $50pp, and closer to Charlottesville it's about $30pp - a big difference.
    Maybe you can look at Warrenton/Culpeper area caterers and see if they'll cater in DC? Not sure if it would be about the same given delivery fees, but it might be worth a try.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely look into it.