Saturday, April 30, 2011

Venue Visit: George Washington Masonic Memorial

In this series, I'll be detailing the venues we've visited, our impressions, and, if I have them, pictures. Of course, these are all our opinions with what we want for our wedding in mind. All of these venues are beautiful and if you can make them work for you, you will not lose out! What you've missed: Top of the Town, Josephine Butler Parks Center, City Club of Franklin Square, McLean Gardens Ballroom, St. Francis Hall, and Capitol Hill Club.

And now, The George Washington Masonic Memorial. Prepare yourself for lots and lots of rainbows, butterflies, and praises to the high heavens! I love this venue.

I can't even tell you how I heard about this place. We went to visit and I was impressed with its clean lines and pillars. The rental fee is very reasonable and they seem very flexible about what we can do in the space. It's an open museum so our first visit was just us walking around. I returned to speak to the events person to get some questions answered and walked away loving it even more.

It is just outside of DC in Old Town, Alexandria - a quaint little place with shops, restaurants and hotels. There are several hotels within walking distance AND a metro stop so our out of towners can get to the District to sight-see. Even if they don't leave, there is plenty to do in Old Town. There is an observation deck tour that can be included for your guests to get amazing views of DC. There is ample parking. It is pretty close to perfection for us.

What? Cons? Oh yes, there are some. Firstly, it's not in DC but it's proximity can't be beat and the view from the observation deck can make up for that. Next, the building is imposing. Maybe too imposing for our style. It can be seen for miles and as you ride up to it, it's almost overpowering. Maybe a little TOO grand. Also, we don't like the ceremony space decor. The layout is lovely but it's got a lot of red going on. Red is my absolute hands down LEAST favorite color in the world. So, if we go with this venue we will more than likely be using the same room for ceremony and reception which has its own issues. Last but not least for Mr Bronx, the chairs are hideous.

All of these concerns can be mitigated BUT the ceremony location and chair issues will carry an extra expense for us. Still, this venue is the number one contender for me. Mr. Bronx is not completely sold on it.

And now the pics that made me fall in love!

Ceremony Space - I wasn't kidding about the red.

Imposing much.

The view from the stairs. WOW!

View from the observatory.

Grand Masonic Hall -Ceremony/Reception space



We've got a contender!


  1. That is a lot of red! I have never heard of this location either. I am a terrible DC-er. But I really like it.

  2. I'm a bride getting married at the GW Masonic Memorial in October. Just wanted to let you know that the caterer I'm going with, Uptown Catering, includes gold chivari chairs and will bring tables (that they know are sturdy) for my reception. I was also very nervous about the red in the North Lodge Room, but I am going to dim the lights, add uplighting, do a runner, and pull the big red curtain back. Then, I told myself I'm only in the room for a short period of time anyway!

    Best of luck in your venue search and Congratulations :)

  3. Hi ladies! I'm looking into the Masonic as my wedding site next year- do either of you have pictures of your reception you wouldn't mind sharing? I'd love to see the space 'all done up'!
    I'd love to hear what you thought about the site too!


    if you dont mind sharing feel free to email me at

    Thank you!!

  4. can you please also share with me, i am thinking of having mine there next year

  5. Hello, I just found you blog and it is very helpful for my wedding search. What venue did you decide?


  7. We were married at Newton White Mansion. I am tempted to resuscitate this blog and finish my wedding journey.

  8. Please resuscitate! I was wondering what vendors you used? Photography? DJ? Flowers ? etc

    1. We were featured on Style Me Pretty. Here's the link: